Is your Silhouette still sitting in the box? Time to get it out and start creating!

In this course, we'll start at the very beginning and work our way through creating TWO finished projects! You'll learn basic skills of the Silhouette Studio software and gain the confidence you need to start tackling even more projects on your own. Each project includes video lessons and a printable handout that you'll refer to again and again. And I'll be there to guide you every step of the way AND support you after you're done!

What you'll learn:

  • How to set your software preferences

  • How to download, unzip, and install a font

  • How to navigate the Silhouette Design Store

  • How to use various tools including the Text Tool, Drawing Tool, and Alignment Tools

  • How to use the Fill Color Panel

  • How to resize, mirror, and save a design

  • How to cut, weed, and apply a vinyl decal

  • Software upgrades vs. software updates

  • ...and more!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Meet Your Instructor

    • How to Get the Most From this Course

    • What You Can Expect

    • A Note for Portrait Owners

    • Facebook Group

    • Copyright

  • 2

    Machine Setup

    • Machine Setup

  • 3

    Basic Tools & Supplies

    • Your Silhouette Toolkit

    • Project Supplies

  • 4

    Silhouette Studio - Overview

    • How to Find Which Version You're Using

    • What You'll See on the Screen: Panels, Tools, Quick Access Toolbar, and Tabs

    • Software Levels (Paid Upgrades)

    • Software Updates

  • 5

    Finding Your Way Around the Silhouette Design Store

    • Your Design Store Account

    • How to Purchase and Download a Design

  • 6

    Get Ready to Design!

    • Page Setup Panel

    • How to Set Preferences in Silhouette Studio

    • Keyboard Shortcuts

  • 7

    Project #1: Glass Cutting Board with Adhesive Vinyl Decal

    • Glass Cutting Board with Adhesive Vinyl Decal - printable handout

    • Introduction & Supply List

    • Set Up the Design

    • Create the Decal

    • Mirror & Save

    • BONUS TIP: How to "De-sticky" a New Cutting Mat

    • Cut

    • Weed the Decal & Apply Transfer Tape

    • Apply the Decal

  • 8

    Project #2: Split Monogram Ceramic Tile

    • Split Monogram Ceramic Tile - printable handout

    • Introduction & Supply List

    • Download and Install the Fonts

    • Set Up the Design

    • Create the Monogram Initial

    • Add the Name

    • Align the Name with the Monogram

    • Align the Design within the Weeding Box & Save

    • Cut

    • Weed

    • Apply the Decal Using the Hinge Method

  • 9


    • Glossary

    • Other Helpful Resources

    • Where to Find Me

Course includes:

  • Step-by-Step Videos

  • Printable Handouts

  • Unlimited Access to Course Materials

  • Private Facebook group just for students of this course!

What other students have to say:

I took a class from Lycia which was wonderful.  Even though I was completely new to Silhouette, she took her time and gave me additional instruction.  I look forward to future classes and highly recommend them.  Thank you Lycia.
-Sharon G.


I have taken classes from Lycia for several years and always learn something new at each class. She is very knowledgeable about the Silhouette machines and their applications. Her teaching is very detailed with sharing the things she found to be the best practices not only for the machine but the products that she used for the projects.  She strives to make each student in her class successful. Lycia even makes herself available to answer any questions that a student may have about the class projects even days after the class is over. Lycia makes her classes fun and full of information. She truly has a gift for teaching. You cannot go wrong with investing in any of her classes.  They are time and money well spent while making a valuable resource as well as a friend.
-Debbie P.


Lycia is a wonderfully professional, patient, and engaging instructor. Her classes are filled with Silhouette tips and tricks which I use almost daily. Lycia helped me feel more confident in my abilities as a Silhouette user.
-Karen B.


I have attended several of Lycia’s classes-both in person and virtually over the past 5+ years. 
In all of her classes I leave with more knowledge about the software as well as ideas for future projects.  She is knowledgeable and so very patient - ensuring that we understand every step of the project and process. You will leave her class anxious for the next and never regretful!
-Vickie B.


I learned so much from Lycia’s silhouette class.  She is so calm and precise when explaining details. You never feel overwhelmed.
-Tina J.


My in-person class with Lycia was one of the best Silhouette classes I’ve ever gone to. She explained things so simply and didn’t talk over my head. I walked out feeling accomplished and when I got back home to my own craft space I was still able to communicate with her and she was willing to share her knowledge. I highly recommend any education she provides. Not only is she an instructor, she is now a friend. I am blessed.
-JoAnn H.


Lycia Evanoff

I've been crafting since I was eight years old - maybe younger. Of all the hobbies I enjoy, nothing else has come close to creating the enthusiasm and excitement I have for my Silhouette machines!!! My Silhouette family currently includes the Cameos 1, 2, 3, and 4, Portrait 2, Mint, Curio, and Alta (along with a Glowforge and sublimation printer!). I am constantly trying new techniques, experimenting with new materials, and thinking about different ways to use my machines. I look forward to sharing the love with you!!!